Aging is a natural process, and there’s pretty much no way around it. Unfortunately, the older a loved one gets, the less independent they become. And understandably, taking up the responsibility of caring for them can be very stressful. And that’s why we offer you the best independent living in Windsor Heights at Elite Lodge of Ashworth.

We give you, or your aging loved one a chance to create a new home away from home at our independent living, all-inclusive retirement facility.

An independent living facility that cares about you

At Elite Lodge of Ashworth, you’ll find a truly picturesque setting surrounded by mature trees that provide all the seclusion you or your aging loved one needs.

The location offers an ideal atmosphere, away from the hustle, bustle, and noise of the rest of the world, and gives you the chance to enjoy a quiet, peaceful, and calm environment ideal for good mental health.

What makes us the perfect Independent Living in Windsor Heights? Why choose us ahead of other options?

We are Iowa’s premier resort community: You’ll enjoy an exterior setting perfectly nestled in the heart of West Des Moines. There’s also a common interior where you will find comfortable sitting areas in each building, a gym, and libraries throughout.

That means you or your loved one will have all they need to stay healthy, both in mind and body. We also offer you access to an inside containing 136 suites at The Lodge with 24 different floor plans to choose from. That means you’ll find the perfect option for you, regardless of your preference.

Our knowledgeable professionals will make your life easier: Aside from giving you the ultimate living conditions to feel comfortable, we also have expert healthcare professionals ready to assist you with general and specific aging-related health issues.

Start Your Independent Living Near Windsor Heights

You can also benefit from on-site outpatient therapy, massage therapy, and weekly exercises to help keep you in good physical shape.

We also understand that you may want to continue enjoying the things you love. That’s why we also provide other services that’ll help you take on each day, so you can have the strength and time to invest in the things you love.

We encourage connection, friendship, and healthy living: Isolation is one of the common issues many aging adults face. That’s why we strive to encourage a healthy connection that promotes wellness.

Our members bring together interesting and talented people who are willing to share their skills and experiences to benefit others. We aim to create positive independent living in Windsor heights.

Independent Living in Windsor Heights

Spacious suites: Our suites are spacious and designed to promote the independent living you deserve, with enough space and style to accommodate furnishings and other personal treasures you may want to have with you.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the best independent living in Windsor Heights, look no further than Elite Lodge of Ashworth. Please, don’t hesitate to schedule a tour to check out our facility.