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Getting started on your journey

Your first steps on your way to better-quality of living.

When you first start talking about senior living, you need to make sure the senior living community will treat you and your loved ones like family. It is hard enough to start looking for senior living. The reality of moving from home, sometimes a home lived in for generations.

Elite Lodge of Ashworth will feel like home the first time you step into the Lodge. We have compassionate staff that will listen to you, your needs and offer an atmosphere that is engaging, fun and loving. Elite Lodge recognizes how difficult it is to entrust you or your loved one to the care of someone else. We understand the trust it takes, and we will not let you down!

Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth

To Elite Lodge, our members and their families are our most important priority. We create an atmosphere where seniors love to live. We offer several daily, weekly and monthly activities so that you or your loved ones will never be bored. Every day can be a full day with all our activities to get involved in. Check out our monthly events calendar to see everything that Elite Lodge has to offer.

When you or a loved one becomes a member, they will appreciate our many amenities. A fine dining experience where our members help set the menus, an indoor heated pool, and spa that we encourage family members to enjoy with the members.  In addition, Elite Lodge offers a Park-like setting for nature walks, and getting outdoors.

Elite Lodge of Ashworth has been serving seniors for over thirty-seven years and understands that deciding on a senior living community is never easy. This process does not have to happen in a day. Elite Lodge is glad to go through it with you. We will take you on tour, let you talk with members, and have lunch with us. We will help you through your journey even if you are not ready at this time. It is always good to plan.

Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth

When looking for independent living.

When searching the internet, you will find more than you can imagine as there are so many choices. So many to choose from. Starting out, you might feel overwhelmed with all the Google search results, newspaper ads, TV & Radio ads. It is a good idea to write down the ones you might want to visit! Before you start calling, and before you even set up appointments to visit and tour, speak with friends and loved ones about Senior Living locations to learn from their experience and advice.

Check with trusted consultants: physician, attorney, stockbroker, pastor, in-home health providers and others who have already guided you through significant life decisions. Also, consider asking some friends that are currently living at a senior living location. Be sure to write down everything about the facility you are looking for in the next level of your life.

Now, narrow the field geologically, then limit yourself to 4-5 candidates within the independent living category.

On your initial tour, expect many specifics. Take notes, however, focus on the global picture, starting with costs compared to value. If you like what you see and hear, return to your highest-rated two or three with your loved one and family members for a more detailed community tour. Make sure you stop and talk with current members and see what they feel about the senior living location. Be sure to work with a dedicated sales professional who will listen to you and ensure the smoothest process possible.

Live where you will be happy.

It is a good idea to go back to your top few top picks and visit at different times of the day and week. Do this to make sure they offer everything you are looking for in independent living. Talk to them about coming in for dinner to see what the food is like, and while you are visiting, do a few activities to get a feel for the senior location.

Who makes the final decision on which senior living location to choose? Let’s remember this is for independent living only! The Senior that will be living at the location should choose their own location. However, family members can give their loved ones an option. After all, this is their new home moving forward.

Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth

You want a senior living location to feel like home right away! Where the staff feels like family and there are many activities available.

At the Lodge of Ashworth, you will find everything you want in your next adventure in life. So experience the Lodge for yourself. Give us a call, and we will customize your tour and priorities so you get everything you are looking for. Please allow 45-90 minutes for your tour. If you are not used to walking, no worries. We have scooters for you to use. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth
Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth
Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth

Grand Entry

Park-Like Setting

Three-Story Buildings

Where To Begin | Elite Lodge of Ashworth

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Elite Lodge of Ashworth is located in West Des Moines on historic Ashworth Road. A truly picturesque setting surrounded by mature trees provides seclusion and privacy. Our location is only minutes away from Valley Junction, Jordan Creek, and Valley West Mall. And ten minutes to downtown Des Moines.

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